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DCAP-BTLS 2 Replies

Remembering everything we have to do from a medical perspective in an emergency situation can be challenging. The emergency medical services has developed a bunch of mnemonics that will help you keep everything straight. DCAP-BTLS is one of…Continue

Tags: trauma, testing, test, Assessment

Started by David Dejewski. Last reply by Robert H. Hopkins Aug 26, 2012.

Approaching Patients 2 Replies

When approaching a patient, try to do so in a non-threatening manner. Their heart rate may already be elevated and their stress level is likely higher than normal. Bringing calm to a patient as they deal with a crisis is perhaps one of the best…Continue

Tags: approach, EMS, patient-care

Started by David Dejewski. Last reply by David Dejewski Aug 14, 2012.

The Halo Test 2 Replies

The halo test is something I learned many years ago that is useful for determining whether or not there is cerebral spinal fluid in blood from a head wound. This, in turn gives the provider some idea of the severity and extent of a head wound.…Continue

Tags: assessment, test, trauma, medical, halo

Started by David Dejewski. Last reply by David Dejewski Aug 10, 2012.

A Basic Trauma Patient Assessment

This is an 18 year old male patient who has been struck by a car.   Continue

Tags: testing, test, trauma, assessment

Started by David Dejewski Jan 7, 2013.

A Basic Medical Patient Assessment Example

This is for a 74 year old female patient. Watch the video for a good example of the thought process we go through when we conduct a basic medical patient assessment.   Continue

Tags: cardiac, medical, assessment

Started by David Dejewski Jan 7, 2013.

A Basic EMS Notebook

Keeping a record of what you're doing while delivering emergency medicine is extremely important. Prehospital records not only communicate up the medical chain, but they become a part of the patient's official medical record and may be used in court…Continue

Tags: EMS, notebook, Gear

Started by David Dejewski Aug 31, 2012.

Classroom (Un)Realities

Students often get nervous. It can be intimidating to have to demonstrate techniques in front of critical instructors and fellow students.…Continue

Tags: classroom, emt, training

Started by David Dejewski Aug 21, 2012.

Taking Blood Pressure

This is a pretty good video that not only shows how to take a blood pressure, but describes what's going on as the measurement is taken.  Continue

Tags: blood_pressure, EMS, vital_signs

Started by David Dejewski Aug 14, 2012.

Patient Assessment - Trauma

This video provides some idea of patient assessment testing requirements. It does not give a good idea of assessment flow, of interacting with the patient, or of collecting or verbalizing SAMPLE history, AVPU or other important medical elements of a…Continue

Tags: testing, test, trauma, assessment

Started by David Dejewski Aug 9, 2012.

Context - The Great Equalizer

My partners and I used to bet doughnuts that we could out-diagnose the docs back at the hospital. We often did. What we did wasn't a real…Continue

Tags: medical, trauma, treatment, clues, EMS

Started by David Dejewski Aug 19, 2012.


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