Help others in our community get to know you. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, your training, your interests, or anything else you would like to share. 


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My name is Dave Dejewski. I started this Web community in 2011 to bring together people in the community who are interested in Preparedness. I've given a significant portion of my own life to the subject and know the effect we can have if we work together, keep each other motivated, and keep our own enthusiasm high.
I have saved many lives in my career, and I am confident that you can too. Many of you probably already have.
I'm hoping this site can overcome a bit of the train-them-and-cut-them-loose mentality. When we come together in one place and share what we're doing, others get and stay excited.
Preparedness is important stuff. Whether you're a scout leader, a firefighter, a pilot, a medical responder, law enforcement, a trained member of CERT, an instructor, or just a concerned and proactive citizen, you are Welcome here! We all have a role to play in keeping people safe and being prepared.

Hello Everyone,

I'm Carolyn From CERT-Los Angeles. I see most of you are on the Maryland area. I'd like to know what you guys are up to on the East Coast. CERT-LA has a pretty extensive website that keeps us posted of events in our area. 

Carolyn - on our site, we have CERT members, fire fighters, law enforcement, scout leaders, and anyone else who has an interest in preparedness. Also: props to Texas. They seem to be slowly catching up to Maryland numbers. ;)

I checked out your Web site. Nice work!

Thanks Dave,  CERT-LA's website provides lots of info on preparedness in addition to CERT specific info. However, I cannot take the credit for creating it. I just make very good use of it.

I'm Rob Hopkins.

I'm the kind of person who can't walk away from a starving critter, or a hungry child, or anybody I can help. A lot of Emergency Medicine training, plus a hobby of tracking all my life, plus a lot of woodsrunning. Degree in Technical Communication, wrote books for a while, now I'm helping people prepare for stuff that happens. I'm currently building rainwater catchment systems for people, I'm finishing an 800 gallon barrel system for irrigation for one house. I grow a lot of our food, I'm working on the SAR training, at which I have some personal experience in Tennessee. I work out, run, and bicycle a lot also. Sierra Club outings leader.

Sounds like you're creating a lot of value, Rob. :)

Hi, David

I am a CERT team captain in the Crescenta Valley in So. CA. I am CERT 2 trained, well equipped, very prepared. I keep a trash can outside my back door, with water, food, shoes, clothes, a portable tv, potty, papers, 1st aid kit...I keep tools just inside of my garage and camping stuff in a storage area. I have a pool for water, a propane bbq, and a portable fire place. I need a power converter for emerg. power, fire extinguishers...there is never enough.

Michael, not many consider the potty or a portable tv. These are interesting selections. How'd they make it into your bug out garbage can?
If you're looking for gear, hopefully this site can help you out. Look along the R side of the page for the link that says "Looking for gear? Click here." I think I have an inverter or two in the inventory. If not, I'm pretty sure I can find one.
Need to replace some old fire extinguishers myself. :)




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